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Seaside Park police vehicle. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Seaside Park Police have released their weekly blotter, highlighting a sample of calls the department has responded to over the past week. The total number of calls handled by the department this week so far is 125.

The blotter appears below:


FIRST AID – The police and the Tri-Boro first aid brigade intervened to remove a patient who was suffering from pain and general weakness. Police and EMS arrived and began to assess the patient at the scene. Subject was transported to the community medical center for further treatment.

Suspicious people – Police responded to the L St. and Ocean area for a report of a man and woman who had trespassed on property that was not theirs. The caller said a black van had parked in their driveway and was driving around their property, which they observed on their monitoring system. When the owner spoke to them through their cameras, the subjects quickly left and drove north on Ocean Avenue. Officers checked the area and were unable to locate the vehicle. The caller provided a license plate to the police and a report was generated for this incident.


Open door – The police were dispatched to the 8th and Ocean area for a report of an open door to a residence. Officers arrived and spoke to the caller who found their door ajar when they returned home. Officers checked the exterior and interior of the residence and found no signs of a break-in. Nothing seemed to be disturbed, the house was cleared by the police and was deemed safe.

Arrest – While on patrol, officers observed a vehicle traveling north on Central Avenue that was not maintaining its lane and initiated a motor vehicle stop. After further investigation, the driver was suspected of driving under the influence. Officers at the scene conducted field sobriety tests and determined that the driver was indeed intoxicated, and she was placed under arrest for DWI. She was taken to police headquarters for treatment.


Alarm – Police were dispatched to the 2nd and Central area for a burglar alarm activation. Officers arrived and checked the exterior of the building and found no signs of forced entry. Police found individuals at the scene, and it was determined that they were authorized to be there and that the alarm had been set off in error.


Scam – Police responded to the 10th and Barnegat area to take a report of a scam. Officers spoke to the caller who reported meeting a woman on an app who said she would send their conversations and compromising photos shared with the caller’s social media friends unless they sent her $500. After some research, it turned out that the person was texting the caller from abroad. The agents arrived and took all the necessary information to generate a report and advised the caller to block the person and stop all communication with them and report it to the app admins.

Arrest – Police have been dispatched to the M St. and Central area over a verbal argument between a Mark and a woman. Officers arrived and located the subjects involved. The appellant alleged that the woman came at him with a knife and also punctured his automobile tire. There was a flat tire on the Appellant’s vehicle. Neither subject had sustained injuries. The woman was placed under arrest for breaching an active court order barring her from the premises. She was transported to police headquarters where she was processed and then housed in the Ocean County Jail.

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