Nexar Pro GPS Dash Cam Review


Nexar Pro GPS Dash Cam: Specifications

Field of view: 135° forward, 115° back
1080p front, 720p rear

Nexar is adding to the mid-range dash cam market with the Pro, with decent online features and a great companion app. However, a dated design and poor image quality mean it’s hard to get behind this particular dash cam.

Nexar Pro GPS dash cam review: Price and availability

The Nexar Pro is available for $159.95 from Nexar’s online store. That’s not a bad price for a brand name dual dash cam setup, but remember that several rival brands offer better specified packages, such as The Nextbase 320XR.

Nexar Pro GPS Dash Cam Review: Design and Features

nexar pro gps on green background

(Image credit: Nexar)

The Nexar Pro’s giant pill design elicits 90s webcam vibes. Sure, it may have plenty of curves, but its cheap, rough plastic and minimal weight give it a subpar feel. Additionally, our review model had misaligned seams around its case, further spoiling its build quality.

A separate cabin camera unit is connected by a microUSB cable and has 10 infrared cameras to help improve image quality at night.

Eagle-eyed readers will notice that there’s no display with the Nexar Pro. Instead, users can browse the microSD card to view footage or use their phone’s Nexar companion app to extract footage.

When it comes to features, the Nexar Pro doesn’t bring much new to the table. However, what it offers may appeal to professional drivers who need a mid-range dual-camera setup.

There’s 1080p front recording (but only 720p rear), built-in GPS and collision detection, which automatically saves incidents to the cloud via its built-in WiFi.

A major oversight is a physical save button for manually saving incidents. This feature is present in every dash cam this reviewer has seen, so its omission is puzzling. Instead, the Nexar Pro uses its built-in G-sensor to monitor crashes or hard braking – if so, it’ll record a clip and automatically save it to the cloud.

It’s pretty standard these days, and although you can use the app to manually create clips by scrubbing the long footage. However, none are as effective as a manual backup button.

The Nexar Pro will save some of its clips to its memory card and to your phone if you have the companion app. Handy, there’s also unlimited cloud storage for downloaded clips only.

Another great feature for drivers is that you can bundle images, driving data, and maps to send to insurance companies in the event of a dispute. Having all relevant information at your fingertips can help strengthen a driver’s case.

Nexar Pro GPS Dash Cam Review: Setup

Setting up with the Nexar Pro can be a tedious experience. The main unit snagged on the cheap bracket, requiring some force to get it into place. I also had trouble turning my device on periodically, which was annoying.

Also, I didn’t like having to attach both the main unit and the cabin camera using two separate mounts. Why not integrate both cameras into one design? Therefore, it takes up a lot of real estate and involves additional wiring.

Another disappointment is that many rudimentary camera settings, such as video resolution, clip length, brightness, and G-sensor sensitivity, are immutable. Again, these are variables that most dash cams come with as standard.

However, once mounted and plugged in, the dash cam will start recording automatically. Since there’s no built-in display, you’ll need to install its companion app if you want to check the viewing angle.

Nexar Pro GPS Dash Cam Review: Application

nexar pro gps app on blue background

(Image credit: Nexar)

The advantage of the Nexar Pro lies in its companion application. Although I’ve tried many clunky, dated, and problematic dash cam apps, this one tops the pack.

It features a clean design and virtually no lag when viewing the live camera feed. Clips are stored here on your phone and uploaded to the cloud, meaning you shouldn’t need to browse through footage on a computer to find incidents.

Nexar Pro GPS dash cam review: Video and audio quality

nexar pro outdoor gps day and night pictures

(Image credit: Nexar)

While generally passable, images from the Pro can look grainier and blurrier compared to its 1080p rivals. And during the day, sunlight can overload the device’s sensitive contrast, bathing much of the screen in stark white.

Its 135-degree angle is also noticeably smaller, with taller rivals offering a more commanding view of the road. Professional drivers who demand constant clarity will be disappointed here.

nexar pro gps indoor pictures day and night

(Image credit: Nexar)

Despite this, the Pro is more competent at night, handling low light quite well, although it freaks out when adapting to bright lights and streetlights due to the aforementioned sensitivity.

Its cabin camera makes a decent effort, with its 10 infrared sensors able to adapt to darkness and offer a fairly clear view of the interior, but at only 720p. Sound-wise things are generally improved, with road noise kept to a minimum, although speech can be slightly muffled.

Nexar Pro GPS Dash Cam Review: Verdict

The Nexar Pro is strange. Despite the “Pro” badge, there are significant gaps in basic and advanced features. We like the automatic recording and downloading of incidents, but not having a button to manually save clips feels borderline criminal.

There are also top rivals offering dual camera systems for not much more money. We would have liked to see a 2K recording to put it ahead of the pack.

In short, it’s hard to get too carried away for the Nexar Pro. Despite having a fantastic companion app, its passable image quality, lack of features, and inability to change basic settings make it hard to recommend.

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