New ways to manage HomeKit cameras and settle disputes [Awesome Apps of the Week]


You can get a complete overview of all your HomeKit cameras with the latest Eve app update. And if you see neighbors doing something shady on your property, you can use Jury to settle the dispute virtually rather than taking them to court (or punching them like a barbarian).

These are just two of the apps featured in our roundup of the best new apps and updates of the week.

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This is perfect if you have more than two HomeKit cameras.
Photo: Eve

Eve for HomeKit

Eve, which makes all types of HomeKit devices, focused on cameras for this week’s app update. A new My Cameras feature works with the company’s Eve Cam as well as other HomeKit-enabled webcams, bringing them all together for a view that’ll make you feel like a guard in a maximum-security prison (but in a good way) .

The new My Cameras feature “puts your cameras front and center with a beautiful full-screen overview with simultaneous live video from all your HomeKit-enabled cameras,” the developer said in a blog post about the update. Eve 4.5. “And it brings support for flipping Eve Cam’s camera image to give you even more editing options.”

You can also use Siri Shortcuts to manage your HomeKit cameras.

If you haven’t tried Eve’s HomeKit gear, you should. The company manufactures reliable products in a variety of lines, from air quality monitors and smart plug strips to lighting and smoke detectors.

Price: To free

To download: Eve for HomeKit from the App Store (iOS)

The Jury app creates a virtual courtroom.  Plaintiffs and defendants choose jurors, upload evidence, and get a fair (but non-binding) verdict.
The Jury app creates a virtual courtroom. Plaintiffs and defendants choose jurors, upload evidence, and get a fair (but non-binding) verdict.
Screenshots: Hutchies


Sponsored: The new Jury app offers an innovative way to settle disputes – using a virtual courtroom and an online jury of 12 friends or peers. The developer, Hutchies, recommends the app for resolving serious issues (like contract disputes) as well as smaller issues (choosing a restaurant).

“Use Jury to get personal dispute resolution, negotiations, and settlements out of the courthouse,” reads the app store’s description. “Jury allows you to virtually litigate disputes with a jury of your peers to resolve issues. Get a settlement for disputes, personal matters and any other issues you may have.

Settling out of court and avoiding the lawyers (and their exorbitant fees) seems like a winner.

Price: Free, with in-app purchase (monthly subscription costs $4.99)

To download: App Store Jury (iOS)

Codye makes your code enjoyable and it works on iPhone, iPad and Mac.
Codye makes your code enjoyable and it works on iPhone, iPad and Mac.
Screenshots: Dario Roa


If you’re a programmer or developer and have ever found yourself trying to share a code snippet, you know how frustrating it can be. Rich text ruins spacing, plain text lacks highlighting, and screenshots often look blurry in presentations or on the web.

Codye is designed to showcase code in a clear, colorful, and versatile way. With support for over 180 languages, Codye makes it easy to share images, sample HTML code, or rich text.

Whether you need to show a block of code in a presentation, post it to your blog, or simply share a sample on social media, Codye gives you control over the theme, style, and appearance of your samples. coded. With Codye, your code never looked so good. —Ian Fuchs

Price: Free, with in-app purchase

To download: Codye from the iOS and macOS App Stores

GoToMeeting screenshots.  Yes, we know it's not the iPad app.
Yes, we know it’s not the iPad app.
Screenshots: LogMeIn

Go to a meeting

Popular online meeting service GoToMeeting added multitasking to its iPad app with this week’s update. “Now you can use Slide Over on the iPad and run GoToMeeting while taking notes or checking email,” the app store’s description reads.

We suspect the app is getting a lot more use as virtual meetings become the new norm. With iPads also becoming the new go-to device for working from home, it’s always nice to see an enterprise-class iPad app with the program.

Price: Free, with in-app purchases (monthly subscriptions vary)

To download: GoToMeeting from the App Store (iOS)

Ian Fuchs contributed to this article.

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