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The Heist event is currently underway in GTA Online, and players should first start with the Fleeca job. You can earn a lot of money from the event this month and you have to complete all the challenges in three weeks.

The Fleeca Job is a good place to start, given the financial incentives it offers. You better start the heist as the team leader. Plus, if you want a bigger piece of the pie in GTA Online, you have to start the heist yourself. Otherwise, you have to make do with small cuts.

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Here’s what you need to know about starting Fleeca Job in GTA Online

Buy a high-end apartment

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This applies to all classic heists and not just the Fleeca Job. You can buy high end apartments on the Dynasty 8 site. It doesn’t matter if it’s Del Perro Heights or Eclipse Towers. However, you will need to be at Rank 12 if you want to stage a Heist.

Once inside your new apartment, you will have access to a special room where you can start your burglaries. Of course, it requires a small installation cost. If you are playing it for the first time, Lester Crest will cover your expenses. It will also give you an overview of what to expect from the heist.

Once your first heist is complete, subsequent ones require a 10% fee and you’ll have to pay a whopping $11,500. For future reference, you can skip cutscenes as a team leader if you’ve watched them before. Now all you have to do is find cooperative teammates.

Find another player

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You can still send invites in GTA Online. When you start work in your planning room, you will be taken to a menu screen. After confirming the settings, you need to set “Matchmaking” to “Open” and click “Auto Invite”.

The Job Fleeca involves two people: a driver and a driller. Their roles are self-explanatory for what you can expect from them in these missions. The heist itself will involve a person breaking into the bank and playing a hacking mini-game. During this time, the driver will have to control witnesses and shoot cameras.

Depending on the hard setting in GTA Online, you can earn $100,625 on Easy, $201,250 on Normal, or $250,250 on Hard for completing the Heist. Of course, you will have to split the winnings with your partner.

You should start as soon as possible

The Heists Event Collect huge rewards in GTA Online all month long: • 2 X GTA$ & RP on Setup Missions for Classic Heists • 1.5 X GTA$ & RP on Setup Missions in The Heists Doomsday Heist • A GTA$2,000,000 bonus for completing all Heist Finals for the next 3

GTA Online is celebrating the Heists event this month. You can potentially win $2,000,000 filling them all. However, the Fleeca Job is special for several reasons, and you’ll earn double rewards for its setup missions this month.

Additionally, GTA+ members also get a 50% bonus on the Fleeca Job. This will stack with weekly bonuses. The best part is that you can also cut your preparation costs in half; this is going to be a very lucrative month.

The Fleeca Job is one of the easiest heists in GTA Online. As long as you can find a reliable teammate, you should be good to go. Of course, if you can invite friends to come onlinethat would help a lot too.

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