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Google recently fixed an issue where version numbers were disappearing from the Play Store, and a similar issue in that vein has now surfaced involving the “Recently Updated” list.

Update 10/31: After being fixed, this problem has returned. We see app updates that happened yesterday, but nothing we’ve updated since this morning is showing up in the Manage tab of the Play Store. We are experiencing this issue with version 32.8.18-21. Last time it was fixed after a few weeks, but you didn’t get the update history.

Original 8/24: As of yesterday (August 23), Google Play does not consistently display all Android apps you have “Recently Updated”, which is the default view/filter for the “Manage” tab in “Manage Apps and the device”.

You might have one or two, but the vast majority are missing. In the example below, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slide are missing, while Apple Music was also updated yesterday in addition to Monday.

There are countless other examples on a handful of devices we’ve checked, although not all users say they’re affected. The problem persists today with Google Pay (Tez) showing up but not Google Maps or Twitter for me.

One way to see which apps are missing is to compare this list to the “Recently scanned apps” line displayed on the Play Protect page.

We are experiencing this issue on both the latest stable version (31.9.1) of the Play Store and newer builds that are still rolling out.

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