EPOS Expand Vision 1 4K personal webcam – very sharp (UV review)


The EPOS Expand Vision 1 is a personal 4K USB-C webcam that uses artificial intelligence to optimize the picture and sound of its dual-array mics.

Now webcams are webcams – some have better optics, some have better sound, and some are $379 like this one. Our job is to determine if this premium is worth it compared to the other webcams we have reviewed.

Just a note on resolutions. 4K uses the most internet bandwidth, and video conferencing apps like Microsoft Teams and Zoom (et al.) will automatically scale this to 1080p or 720p. So while it’s nice to have that, it won’t necessarily run at 4K all the time.

Australian review: EPOS Expand Vision 1 4K personal webcam

Website Product page and manual
Price $379
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guarantee 2 year ANC
Native country Designed in Denmark and made in China
Company Sennheiser’s business segments – Enterprise Solutions and Gaming Headsets are marketed under the EPOS brand under Demant. It caters to the enterprise solutions, gaming and air traffic control segment, with a wide range of products with a contemporary design approach.
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We use Fail (below expectations), Pass (meets expectations), and Exceed (exceeds expectations or is class leader) against many of the items below. We sometimes give a Pass(able) rating which is not as good as it should be and a Pass ‘+’ rating to show that it is good but does not quite reach Exceed. You can click on most images for enlargement.

First Look – Small Solid Ground – Pass +

It’s small at 58(W) x 43mm(D) x 39mm(H) x 126g with a thick 1.2m black USB-C to USB-C cable (5V//5A/2, 5W, so you can use a USB-Adapter). One end of the cable is carefully angled at 90° so its weight doesn’t pull the camera down.

Weight is due to the strong alloy casing and monitor clip mount, filled with a ¼” tripod socket. On top are a privacy shutter dial and two 180° noise-canceling mics, and Front activity LED All of this comes in a hard zippered travel case.

It is certified for Microsoft Teams, Zoom and will work with any UC software.

Quality of vision: clear, colorful, crisp at 4K – Exceed

It has a Sony sensor, a seven-element lens, a 90° field of view and can electronically pan, tilt and 8x digital zoom (this crops the image from the 4K sensor). It is fixed focus, so it has clear images between 1 and 3 meters – desktop/laptop or small group (using a tripod).

Even though UC software can reduce the resolution, you can use it to make 4K recordings for presentations and more.

Sound Quality – Loud and Clear – Exceed

Two microphones provide noise cancellation. One focuses on voice and the other on ambient room noise, which is then used to reduce it. It’s better up to 1 meter, but it’s good enough up to about 3 meters in quieter rooms.

Mic performance is good – maybe great but I’ve yet to feel the effects of EPOS BrainAdapt – (worth a read – sounds great on paper).

EPOS Connect for Windows, Mac and mobile – Pass+

The app allows firmware update, field of view (65/78/90°), light sensitivity and color temperature. Once defined, these are downloaded to the camera.

The camera doesn’t need an app to work, but you lose the ability to change the settings above.

You can enable a floating menu that displays when the camera is in use.

Faded away

Some brands offer face tracking to keep you in the center of the picture. It is not a deciding factor.

CyberShack’s take – The EPOS Expand Vision 1 4K Personal Webcam is a sharp little performer

With two caveats. First, you probably don’t need 4K; second, we only comment on the value, not the price.

It meets all our expectations of a 4K webcam, and the built-in AI processing (no app needed) makes for a better picture.

Is it worth $379? For Joe and Jane Average, you don’t need a Rolls Royce to shop. A decent 1 or 2K camera costs well under $200.

But it’s a good buy if you use the webcam a lot or can deduct it from your taxes.

Note Explanation – EPOS Expand Vision 1

Features: 90 – 4K, AI, BrainAdapt

Value: 90 – Assuming tax deductibility and compared to other 4K webcams

Performance: 90 – Clear, colorful and crisp in daylight and office light

Ease of use: 90 – No app needed as AI is on board. App adds value

Design: 90 – well thought out and small in size

EPOS Expand Vision 1 4K Personal Webcam


EPOS Expand Vision 1 4K Personal Webcam


  • Clear 4K images in daylight and office
  • On-board AI adapts well to lighting conditions
  • Good to high microphone sensitivity
  • UC Certified

The inconvenients

  • I would like a few more software options like face tracking

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