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The world of webcams has just had a new king. Today Elgato launched Facecam Pro. It is the first webcam that films in 4K resolution and 60 frames per second (FPS). This means professional streamers don’t have to choose between ultra-high definition picture and smooth video.

But image resolution and frame rate aren’t the only things Facecam Pro offers. The new device is also equipped with a 1/1.8 inch Sony Starvis sensor, the largest sensor ever included in a webcam. This sensor offers increased dynamic range and better noise performance, resulting in much clearer images for your videos.

Eglagto’s premium AF lens lets you enable autofocus (so you can pan around while recording) or set it to manual control for more static shots. The ability to do this means you can potentially use Facecam Pro for shots that require you to step away from the camera.

One of the most useful features for videographers is the ability to stream in 1080p (platforms like Twitch and Zoom limit this resolution) and record in 4K simultaneously. This is possible because Facecam Pro downscales 4K to 1080p at the hardware level. This allows for greater versatility when editing stream highlight videos or simply having a UHD backup of your content for future use.

Facecam Pro also includes digital PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) controls and Stream Deck support. All of this adds as many options as possible for content creators to record and stream their content. But it comes at a steep price – $300.

While all of this is great, it’s not the only high-quality option out there. DSLR cameras are often overlooked as a webcam option. And while they’re more expensive than the Facecam Pro, and the major manufacturers aren’t developing them anymore, they’re still available now (plus, you might already own one) and you can take them with you at non-webcam purposes.

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