CORSAIR launches the first 4K60 webcam: Elgato Facecam Pro



CORSAIR has launched a brand new webcam from its Elgato brand by introducing the first 4K60 version of the Facecam Pro. This latest model is basically designed to be your all-in-one camera for streaming and content creation needs, as it presents a remarkable image that looks like a professional camera. It’s honestly what they’ve needed for a few years now since the Elgato Stream Deck gave people the ability to have their own TV studio in their homes. You can find out more about it from the company as we have snippets of information below, but if you’re looking to buy, it’ll set you back $300.

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“Facecam Pro features the studio-grade Elgato f/2.0 21mm autofocus lens, which can also be adjusted manually within a focus range of 10cm to infinity. A field of view of up to 90 degrees enables wide studio shots or group video calls, while the state-of-the-art 1/1.8” large-area SONY STARVIS™ sensor captures exceptional detail, even when using effects such as pan, tilt, and zoom, or when lighting is not optimal. Rounding out the webcam’s high-end performance is Elgato’s latest Image Signal Processor, a one-chip powerhouse that is responsible for encoding and streaming 4K60 video over USB 3.0 with latency ultra-low – while facilitating instant light correction, automatic noise reduction, and a host of other nano-calculations that deliver phenomenal video quality in any environment. Even when using applications that do not support 4K60 video input, the processor applies an advanced algorithm that transforms raw 4K60 video into 1080p60 video, allowing you to stream Full HD video that looks better than with a 1080p webcam standard.

“Elgato once again offers an exemplary software-enhanced user experience in the form of Camera Hub, which gives you DSLR-like control over settings such as field of view, exposure and balance. Cinematic PTZ effects – namely pan, tilt and zoom – can be applied pixel-free thanks to Facecam Pro’s powerful sensor and ISP, while creators with GeForce RTX GPUs can benefit from NVIDIA Broadcast integration, which enables AI-powered effects like background replacement and cinematic background blur Settings are saved directly to Facecam Pro for instant recall when restarting or changing computers. Elgato software, Camera Hub works with Stream Deck for instant one-touch control of camera settings and integration with your entire AV setup her.Camera Hub plugin, updated for Facecam Pro and available today on the Stream Deck Store, lets you trigger predefined pan, tilt, and zoom transitions with a simple press of a button on Stream Deck. “

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