5 Most Useful Military Vehicles In GTA Online, Ranked


Free and peaceful roaming in GTA Online is rare these days, and players must always rely on powerful vehicles to protect themselves from enemies and griefers. Although the game includes a variety of armored and armed rides, there are also many powerful options that can easily destroy these defensive lines.

However, some military-grade vehicles in GTA Online can be used for both attack and defense. This article lists and ranks five useful military vehicles in the game based on their overall stats.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the opinions of the author.

Top 5 Heavy Military Vehicles in GTA Online

5) Crusader

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The Canis Crusader is an off-road military SUV in GTA Online. It is useful for easily navigating uneven roads and shallow water, and offers excellent acceleration, top speed and maneuverability. As an SUV, it can carry up to four people at a time.

Crusaders are equipped with a four-cylinder diesel engine and all-wheel drive. The five-speed transmission propels the vehicle to a top speed 91.25 mph or 146.85 km/h. The Warstock Cache & Carry website lists the vehicle for $225,000. However, it will be stored as a Pegasus vehicle.

4) APC tank

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The HVY armored personnel carrier (APC) is a heavily armored vehicle and armed military tank in GTA Online. It is extremely stable and can easily climb steep terrain where other vehicles fail and shake. Its distinct design also helps it overcome all obstacles in its path.

The tank can easily withstand eight homing missiles, eight sticky bombs, 19 rounds of explosive bullets and four tank guns. On the offensive side, it can be equipped with a cannon, a SAM battery, a machine gun and proximity mines. An anti-aircraft trailer can also be attached to the back to make it even more deadly.

Players can purchase it from the Warstock Cache & Carry website for $3,092,250, with a sale price of $2,325,000.

3) Dam

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The HVY Barrage is another armored and weaponized military vehicle in GTA Online. It has high top speed and acceleration power due to its lightweight design. The vehicle’s high-suspension chassis and off-road tires enable it to traverse various terrains and minor obstacles.

Its heavy armor can easily withstand 14 homing missiles, five sticky bombs, 12 rounds of explosive bullets and two tank guns. In addition, it is equipped with two turrets, facing both forward and aft. Players can change weaponry with machine gunsminiguns and grenade launchers.

The Warstock Cache & Carry website lists the Barrage for $2,121,350, with a sale price of $1,595,000.

2) Stealth Annihilator

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The Western Company Annihilator Stealth is an armed stealth helicopter in GTA Online. Compared to other helicopters, this massive aircraft is heavy and slow to move. However, it is much more stable than any other in the game.

The helicopter can carry up to six players, including the pilot, and stealth mode allows them to navigate the map undetected by enemy radars. If the pilot has a higher desired levelactivating stealth mode reduces their wanted level to two stars.

GTA Online players can purchase the helicopter from the Warstock Cache & Carry website for $3,870,000, with a sale price of $2,902,500.

1) Akula

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The Buckingham Akula is another stealth attack helicopter in GTA online. The plane has an extremely responsive control mechanism that allows it to slice and glide across the map with minimal effort. It has two cameras with three distinct vision modes: normal, thermal and night, extremely useful in combat situations.

Its sturdy armor can withstand three homing missiles, three sticky bombs and seven rounds of explosive bullets. It has a stealth mode, similar to the Annihilator, which makes sneaky ambushes easier. Its arsenal includes machine guns, missile launchers and bombs.

Players can get it for $3,704,050 from the Warstock Cache & Carry website, with a sale price of $2,785,000.

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